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Originally Posted by larethian View Post
Agreed. Given how her speech pattern and style is practically a clone of Kirino, it's like almost a given that Taketatsu will get the role for Momo, if she auditions for it. But Itou Kanae's Fumino mode sounds pretty good for Momo too. In fact, I'll prefer Itou over Taketatsu. For Naoki, it's anyone's guess. But I get the feeling that Ono D. will fit Suzuki Souta. Midori's another hard one. Any Nadeshiko-like voice will fit well.

Just for the record, I'm TL-ing it for Imangascans.
I know dude, haha... I come for peace

With Hentai oji anime announced, this is 100% guaranteed to have an anime!!!!!! ALL MY PREDICTIONS ARE COMING TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!

Basing from your relationship chart, is this the next toradora? Did MC already fall to momo?
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