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Finally managed to pull myself away from Xcom long enough to catch up on this volume.

Prologue: I agree with rladls716 that the girl on Touma's back is probably Cendrillion.

Chapter 1: Yes, hilarious Touma and Fukiyose antics. Nice to get some details on the Imagine Breaker. Makes me wonder, since it is a reference point, is it possible to shift it and change what phenomenon and existences count as distortions. Silly Touma, you should have known that Misaka was a fake when she didn't immediately zap you with lightning.

Chapter 2: Ok, Thor is definitely one of my top three male characters is this series now. I hope he sticks around for a while. Got a laugh at him telling Touma all he needs for a motivation to do something is to save a girl. The fight was great as well. I really want to see it animated. ITEM and Hamazura just going about their daily lives. We also learn that the true villain of Academy City is the dentist.

Chapter 3: Mikoto spying on Touma's school was amusing. Poor Komoe-sensei, no one thinks you are a teacher. Well Cendrillion, that is one way to reconstruct yourself. I wonder this part will be like animated.
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