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Originally Posted by Daniel E.
I have a question:

Eventhough I dont plan to participate, I was wondering If I could post some Halloween-themed wallpapers I have so that people interested may used them as source materials.

Would it be okay if I post them here?
That would be more than alright. Please. Anything that inspires others to create banners can only be a good thing!

Originally Posted by Secca

I always missed out those banner contest. First time submitting one. This ok?
I think you could do better. You're basically only using a single image pasted over our gradiant with a few words. If you cut out the character you'll find the result is much more striking. As a final critique, the edge of the image is completely straight without even any token bluring. Please try to cobine the image with the background, rather than interrupting it. See what Green² did in the image below for how background colors can blur into the gradiant.

Also, it isn't Halloween themed. I'd have to disqualify it for that reason...

Originally Posted by Green²

v0.0.1 Higurashi
What can I say? That scares the pants off me! Brrr. Nothing quite like a psychotic Rena to freak me out and put me in the Halloween mood. Scariest banner so far.

Originally Posted by Green²

v0.0.8 something something ...degauss ...there we go
Very nice banner. I see you're using the extra banner size well and learning to work with our new gradiant color. Darn cute. I like this one also!

Originally Posted by Kurochiisaineko
The image I used was not from an anime. It is from an KKJ artbook I own. The picture is very Halloweenish though. I hope that is okay. If it is, this is my submission for the contest.

The picture is quite acceptable since it is anime-style illustration. I do have a critique though. It seems that the image has been squished. You shrunk her vertically more than horizontally. The result looks freaky and bad. When you resize an image you need to "lock aspect ratio" or else you'll have weirdly distorted images like this one. I'm sure it will look a lot better once you fix that.

Originally Posted by Luffeh
here is the first version of it:

(tell me if its against the rules. although its kinda tight at the right side... will change that and perhaps the stroke around the small image. and perhaps also put something behind it...argh i dont know... you dont get more than this from me in ~10 minutes.)
Absolutely wonderful. Cute and Haloweenie. Also, although the broom comes very close on the left side, it doesn't go too far. Take a look at how it will look when I extend the gradiant to the right and left:
Spoiler for large image:
As you see, there is no edge to the image. Sweet deal.

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