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Manga Discussion: Chapter 337[spoilers]

Chapter title "The Body Guards of the City of Water"

-Franky and Luffy are interrupted by the Galley-La folks Franky warns them not to interfere Kaku tells him they would have stopped him even without a reason since he is destroying their shipyard

-After the events above Paulie begins to question Luffy about why he do it and what is his motive, and why wasnt he satisfied with shooting Iceberg that he has to come after their shipyard. After getting really angry he proceeds to use some Rope action moves on Luffy and starts wailing on him

-Franky then gets pissed they are interfering and eventually Tileston begins to beat his ass with his supernatural strength. People are cheering and telling them to finish them off.

-there's some diaglog between them and Luffy is told they are going to kill him because of what he did to Iceberg. After denying it they say that Iceberg remembered 2 attackers and that one of them was Nico Robin. Luffy stands up for her but no one is listening

-chapter ends with the entire town hellbent on capturing the straw hats.

the raw that was out since wednesday is not all that great so this is what i could make out will update once i find something readable
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