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That's one thing that has always annoyed me about many fantasy stories, like Lord of the Rings, Eragon, Wheel of Time, Game of thrones, ect. Basically name any book that has a map on the inside of the cover.

It always seems like your just looking at say Europe. Makes you wonder what the hell the rest of the world is doing or like. I mean I know they have to travel by horses at best and big ships are rare or non-existent, so going to say North America is kind of not possible. or riding your horse to the western asia, ect.. But still always makes me wonder.
Well, in the intro to FT, they said that Fiore is a magical kingdom where magic can be traded freely (and kicks of with lucy buying plue).

so I wonder, could the other kingdoms be non-magical and mechanical instead? much like the directly Edolas is headed in now that it lost all of its magic
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