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Originally Posted by Kyero Fox View Post
Show me where they directly said old dante looked stupid. Other M was not Mediocre, the game play was good but the story was horrid, the way they made samus was horrid and the sex appeal and high heels killed it.
lol are you kidding? You must not have heard the complaints about the auto-targeting...

Also as I've mentioned before, you and Ninja Theory are completely missing the point if you think the hair scene was just a joke about the hair.

Other M did not try to be "clever" and make fun of how older games looked. It tried to be its own installment to the series, and nothing more or nothing less. If it fails, so be it, but there is nothing that would make the fanbase turn away and prevent them from trying it at least.

You want people to ignore how the new Dante looks? Then don't bring attention to it. The wig scene does the exact opposite.
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