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Originally Posted by Leo_Otaku View Post
Beach Queen Rin in the works:
Where is beach queens Kanon, AIR and Clannad? Also where are the Beach Kings!?
I think the first two are not popular enough in the anime business, so no company will bother since they are not sure they'll make a lot of money. Clannad had plenty figures but Key did not over merchandise that series so there were not a whole lot. Little Busters has been being overmarketed and advertised since way before the anime, so with the anime companies know they'll make a lot of money with LB toys.

As for Beach Kings, well that's a sad fact of Japanese figure industry, males are grossly underrepresented. Companies think that their customers are mostly heterosexual men (not sure if this is accurate of the customers), and like it or not the figure industry (for anime type, humanoid figures) is highly built on sexual appeal of the figures. Het males won't want hot guy figures. Most male figures from Japan are posables, or low quality, and almost always not sexualized at all. A really nice scaled statue of a male is extremely rare, and the few that exist usually capitalize on the man's "manliness". Het men would much rather see sexy ladies than manly men, and would definitely much rather see sexy ladies than sexy men.
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