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Originally Posted by Minagi Mikoto View Post
What I mean is that she hasn't got a serious part in the second season except a small one at the end of episode 1. I mean, come on, she is one of less than 20 saints in the world and that's the only thing she's good for?! I really expect more of her! (and of coarse J. C. Staff!)
Lol, I had been holding it back even since the first episode 19 weeks ago when people first thought they would get more Kanzaki in this season I didn't want to burst their bubbles at that time

Originally Posted by Teh_Ping View Post
Just wait till season 3. You can't have people that are 'broken' on the good side now. Except for that guy...
I don't think Kanzaki is broken, she's the 'standard' representation for Saints and from her we compare the other Saints, just like how Mikoto is the 'standard' representation for Level 5s and from her we compare the other Level 5s.
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