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Originally Posted by Chapter 417
Translation by maaru at FLOL.

Ichigo puts Isshin down and says he's letting him rest for now.
Tatsuki and everyone else is surprised at Ichigo's long hair.
霊圧でゆずとかりんの無事を確認し、たつきたちを振り返り、みんなそこにじっとしててくれと一 護。
Ichigo confirms that Yuzu and Karin are safe with his reiatsu, and looks back at Tatsuki and company and tells them to quietly stay there.
愛染からは押しつぶされそうな霊圧を感じるのに、一護からは何も感じないなんておかしいよとた つき
Tatsuki states that while Aizen's reiatsu feels heavy and stifling, she doesn't feel anything at all from Ichigo.
Aizen observes this as well, "Are you really Kurosaki ichigo? If you are really him, then your evolution has failed, how disappointing."
Gin comments that Ichigo's eyes look different, that he looks strong, and tells him he's leaving it in his hands.
場所を移そうぜという一護、私と戦うものだけが口にできる言葉だという愛染の顔をつかみそのま ま荒野のよう なところへ一緒にぶっとぶ
Ichigo says that should change location, Aizen says he can only fight with words coming out of his mouth, but Ichigo grabs his face and throws him off (or flies off with him) somewhere far off.
Ichigo announces to a surprised Aizen, "I'll finish this in a single moment"
Oh sure, you'll finish this in a single moment. I'll be counting on that.
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