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LOL, sorry in advance Toki^^...I wanted to ignore him LMFAO...

Originally Posted by Samari View Post
Comeback fail. I already posted the various why it's hilarious for a Saints fan to talk trash even though they've won the Super Bowl. New Orleans has been the NFL's doormat practically forever, and after one championship season, you think you can talk smack. LOL. That's like Arian Foster being considered a better runningback than Walter Peyton due to having one good season. But keep talking, you're just sounding like an idiot in the process and everyone in this thread seems to have the same consensus opinion. As for New Orleans and the playoffs, we'll see what happens when the time comes. They'll have to play in the wild card and at least two straight games on the road. They'll need more luck than a voodoo sorceress can provide. Drew Brees and all those interceptions don't bode well either for him. I'm not saying they can't get it done, but due to being a dome team and a wild card on the road, it's unlikely they go far.

All in all, please continue your jibber jabba, it's quite amusing. And you would be right in my laughing my ass off on the other side of my computer.
My jibber jabber can kill you're whole debate bro...Just imagine what my real $hit does to you...Keep living in the past and fake LOLing to your phoneyniners...Your franchise is in peril and your team is dumpster Thai food...Go ask your gramps to tell you more stories about Roger Craig and Keena Turner...It's all you have, it's like an Anne Frank Diary right now, so you'll be able to tell your kids about these $hit niner teams one day...

I'll give you a star on the passive-aggressive nature of you're comebacks, it's good but not good enough to hide the truth phoneyniner...As for the rest, thanks for thinking we can get it done, I agree...Now I'll let it die ;D...
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