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Originally Posted by Samari View Post
Then you would have put me on ignore or just ignored me. But you can't. You can't stand the truth that the Saints have been garbage for practically forever. Of course you'll never admit this. I already know you'll respond after these comments too.

Dude you're not Cthulhu of course I'll respond back...Ain't nothing to fear...Words on a screen bro...

But there is no debate. Saints have been shit for practically forever. That's a fact LOL. My franchise is having a minor setback after decades of success. It happens to every team. I'm not concerned about it. I highly doubt we have a long ass drought like New Orleans (no pun intended), and I wouldn't trade the franchise's pedigree for what New Orleans has garnered since the club's inception...which was basically nothing until up until almost a year ago. And now you think you can talk smack because of one Lombardi ring. Please.

As we live and breath Saints = Win

As we live and breath Phoneyniners = kitbashed Megatron

LOL That's the fact, the fact you can't escape...It's all about the now, and right now your team sucks oldman in a sauna balls...At this moment in time I have the high ground, so keep muttering whatever histrionics your pappy told you about when you were too busy watching VR-Trooper reruns to realize what football even was...You haven't experienced one decent iota of San Fran football in your adult mind...So when you become a football adult and experience success we can talk, until then go glue your Megatron together...
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