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The plan for beating the Eagles was kinda just revealed...Just say eff-it! Blitz every play and force Vick to make every throw...Brees got rattled last night by the blitz and he's nirvana level with the passing...As good as Vick has become he might not be ready to sling it while being blitzed efficiently all game (Plus those hits are adding up)...Bad loss for the Eagles, especially since it hands the Bears and that $hitty field the 2 seed...I'm also slightly pi$$ed that this game will cost Vick the MVP and//or Co-MVP title...Justin f**king Beiber is gonna win it again ...

First THREE PICKS of this next draft for the Iggles must be O-Line!

This just In: Vick has a leg contusion... Get ready Corn on the Kolb fans, it's time for a 2-week sabbatical for Vick now...
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