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Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post
Dude you're not Cthulhu of course I'll respond back...Ain't nothing to fear...Words on a screen bro...
Or simply because you can't follow instructions and let shit go LOL.

Originally Posted by wingdarkness View Post

As we live and breath Saints = Win

As we live and breath Phoneyniners = kitbashed Megatron

LOL That's the fact, the fact you can't escape...It's all about the now, and right now your team sucks oldman in a sauna balls...At this moment in time I have the high ground, so keep muttering whatever histrionics your pappy told you about when you were too busy watching VR-Trooper reruns to realize what football even was...You haven't experienced one decent iota of San Fran football in your adult mind...So when you become a football adult and experience success we can talk, until then go glue your Megatron together...
Keep riding the fail train. Where did I say that New Orleans wasn't a good football team as of now? What I keep telling you (yet you keep ignoring) is that despite the Saints winning now, that doesn't mean shit to me and I don't really care. All teams go through a down period and I wouldn't trade the success the franchise has had for what New Orleans currently has. Not by a long shot. And if it wasn't for you being able to see my age on this forum then you would have zero ammunition for your rebuttals (not like they hold water anyways). But keep talking like a loon assuming I gave a deuce about the AINTS.

Are the Saints a better football team now: Yes

Do I give a shit: No

Is the legacy of the 49ers better making me not give a shit about the Saints: Yes.

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