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I hope that Apple does something about the MBP13 so it's not still stuck on Penryn. Intel and NVIDIA finally came to an agreement, but the cross-licensing does not include Big Green getting QPI and DMI...

... so I have no idea what Apple's going to do with the MBP13, when it is refreshed.

Perhaps a Fusion APU? Apple's interest in AMD has grown as of late...
Maybe the low end MBP, we'll have to see power consumption of Llano based mobiles first. I doubt it for the MBA though, Ontario is an Atom killer, its cheap, more tolerable than Atom speed, cheap, efficient, and oh, did I mention cheap? The MBA uses a real ULV, switching to AMD would probably require Apple drop the base price to $500 at very most probably. It would still be overpriced considering the Thinkpad X120e, also using Ontario, will be starting at $400.
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