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Good tragedies (i'm telling, not asking ^_^)

not sure if this is allowed since it says ask for suggestions, but i thought i might throw out some good tragedies for people to watch. i know many new anime fans (or even fans that haven't seen a lot of rare stuff) might have only seen things like sai kano and such, but i personally have had the opportunity to see a few fantastic ones that i thought i'd promote. (and i know nosanninwa will agree with me on one of them at least! )

(click links for screenshots)

an extremely tragic, yet beautiful tale about two orphans who stay at a monastery. the film is korean. i rated it a 10, i rarely do that. it is slower than most films, so if you demand action nonstop, this isn't for you.

Dog of Flanders
the only thing i've seen which rivals Oseam for its beauty and innocent tragedy. animation looks like future boy conan era, but it is simply amazing. a bit slower feeling than oseam, even. but so worth it.

DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT watch the dub. not only is the story mangled to be "happier" (when in fact, this is a beautiful tragedy), but the music is made happier, etc. the subtitled version is extremely tragic, and based in a fantasy world. nosanninwa loves this one too, so we must be correct

now and then, here and there is another good one, but i don't think its in the same class as the three above. anyways, just thought i'd share those with you guys, in case you were looking for a good tragedy/sad story ^_^
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