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Finally i can join the Re-watch i just finished re-watching Episode one and i will post my impression, the i will edit the post after reading past commentaries(i think it's a good formula), well here we go.

Episode one is a very interesting start for the series to me, when i first watched it i wasn't know what to expect about this series. I was recently ended Zero no Tsukaima S3 at the time and i was a little tired(Princess no Rondo is a flanderization hell xP). But Toradora starts in very positive light to me, starting with the male main character, Ryuuji Takasu is in a funny situation being a really nice guy but feared by everyone because of his looks, infautuated with a cheeeful(if a bit weird) genki girl and having a good friend able to see past his delinquent appearance his situation only gets funnier when he clash against the female lead, Taiga Aisaka, wich, unlike him, is a REAL tough girl(or so she appears at first) who cement her image by punching him right into the floor, and to the poor guys luck she end up being the best friend of the girl of his dreams Minori Kushieda.

Now by this point things go very similar to Taiga's predecesors(Shana and Louise) except by one thing, the kicker is that unlike past male leads Ryuuji is already in love with a girl, a girl wich isn't a rival of the female lead but her best friend instead. That really alters the dinamics between the characters which i find really refreshing.

Also, as much as people hate her, i find Taiga to be quite a funny character right from Ep. 1, she indeed is violent but she isn't showing "togh love" to Ryuuji because he's nothing more than a nuisance to her at the time(because she's already in love with Ryuuji's best friend Yuusaku Kitamura), i find hilarious how Taiga show such a mix of rudeness and clumsiness(i find funny when she rolls out of the closet and burst off laughing when she cleans her nose with Ryuuji's clothes xD) which made me think that she's rude probably to compensate for said clumsy traits, especially notorious because as fast as Ryuuji explain her things and show some Takasu hospitality to her Taiga calms down rather easily(again, as opposed to her predecesors) and she even apologizes for the problems(something that take Shana at least 4 episodes to accomplish and Louise almost the enterity of Season 1). I feel Taiga as a more "bound to reality character than other kugimiya roles and that's why i remain interested to watch the rest of the series to see how things develop.

I can't decide for my favourite parts but if i need to decide probably can be two:

1.- Ryuuji and Taiga's second encounter at the classroom. It was hilarious and cute, Taiga was so scarred/confused/embarrased that she isn't even able to articulate phrases properly(like she's about to suffer an aneurism xD) and quickly resolves to jump on Ryuuji xDDD!!! and...

2.- The enterity of Taiga's assault to the Takasu home at night. Her attack is foiled by her own clumsy antics because she's totally ashamed, yet she's totally honest about it("i don't wanna die!, that's what i need to kill you!"), and then Ryuuji shows her tha she must have courge showing how pathetic he is at managing his crush on Minorin, Taiua's reaction is very close at how normal girls react when find someone trying to pick on a close firend("do you like Minorin? how pretentious, know your place"), it's true Taiga almost during all of this chapter shows now a violent, spoiled brat she is(she even take Ryuuji's humble attempt to help her as an offering to take him as a lackey xDU) but she also shows what a mess she also is, setting the possibly things she will change over the course fo the series(which, knowed by everyone here since this is a re-watch, she does).

Well, now waiting for Next Week to watch Ep. 2


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I loved both EDs and OP2. I did not like the first OP though, never grew on me or anything.
Curiously i find all OP's and ED's very enjoyable and i think they match the segment of the series they're covering(specially the OP's).

Pre-Parade is fast, energetic and a bit crazy just like things are going on the first half of the series, then the drama bomb kicks in and Silky Heart take the atmosphere to a bit more serious yet upbringing feeling covering the second half. Also Vanilla Salt talks about love chemistry and how indescisions and mischiefs make a relationship more funny and interesting while Orange take a more direct approach with being honest about your feelings and stuff(again matching perfectly the plot for the first and second half of the series each one).
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