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Whoa, whoa WTF. Kotomine was really crazy this episode, with his flurry of knives and claws tearing shit up. I didn't realize he was so skilled. I also enjoyed Irisviel's determination; was almost like OMGWTFBBQ did she just get owned? Fortunately plot armor saves the day! Just kidding. It seemed this was pretty well conceived of, and lets Saber come back to heal her. Yuri vibes getting strong. She has her scabbard.

Caster fight was a bit anticlimatic, but Lancer and Saber should be able to overwhelm him. It's good that Caster has escape plans.

It was a bit too rash of Lancer's master to go charging in himself. He really did underestimate Emiya; and got a bullet full of anti-magic ownage. Fortunately, Lancer has a great sense of honor, though his master might disagree with this...

For the most part I was greatly satisfied with this episode with. The soundtrack is finally showing off some good stuff, and for once the exposition is concise. I liked Kotomine thinking he's the same as Emiya; cold heartless bastards. Well, that remains to be seen! Gonna settle for a 10 for this episode; just a lot of stuff happened in epic fashion.
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