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Guess I'm one of the few people that actually didn't mind DBZ's fillers and without them the new refreshed series looked a bit empty. Of course, I myself don't include all the dragging when they look each other for five minutes. Don't really want to get into discussions regarding what might happen and what could never happen in the fillers, I'll just say that I enjoyed them starting from Pendulum Room Peril to episode where Goku and Piccolo were trying to get a driving license. Liked those moments and kinda missed them here but I guess plenty of people were feeling that it was a good riddance.

That aside, I enjoyed Kai, or rather re-edited & refreshed Z. The opening was a nice touch and the series stopped at the right time, for me. Not a fan of Buu saga nor it's fights, that includes the Goten and Trunks and all the Saiyan sausage fest. Sure, there is SSJ3 beuty and #18 making appearance again, but watching it once was enough. That arc simply wasn't thrilling and fun as the previous ones. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't mind watching it again in the Kai version, or some other goodness in the future.

Newer fans will appreciate Kai more, but I'll say that I favor them both equally, with a little thumb up more towards Z. One slower and one faster version for whenever time you feel like watching.
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