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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
I simply can't believe they went all their way with Rin in this episode: her reaction towards Komari was so strong it almost reminded me of "that" sequence in Refrain.
Although the buildup was lacking for their friendship, I'm actually glad they have decided to show more interaction between those two which I felt was lacking in the VN.

Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
Really, this episode shows how bad JC staff choice was to be done with Komari before the LB group is complete: the relationship between Komari and the other members should be barely of acquaintances/"buddies", even if you factor Komari's penchant to befriend anyone within her range.
It just makes the whole point terribly mismatched with the purpose of the loops, and the way how Rin and Riki have to grow up. At this point, both had little troubles to encourage Komari in a way or another.
The problem with episode 6 was not the episode itself, it was the buildup towards it. I thought this episode had a fairly well done execution for it's sped up pace, the problem is that Komari's arc came much too early for their level of friendship to make sense. If we had maybe two more episodes before Komari's story started, then this episode would've fit in pretty well.

Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
What shocked me the most was Riki's absolutely cool head nearly all the time in this episode: I would expect Riki to be really in a "WTF" state, and brooding/worrying about Komari for at least half an episode, due to how dreadful Komari's situation was, and how helpless he felt.
Likewise, Rin felt as if Komari was already her definite best friend and went full on supporting Riki without much issue.
I read your post before I watched the episode, so I was carefully searching for what you've stated here about Riki, and I'm just not seeing it. Is it possible you think that way because of the pacing?
If Rin was being all buddy buddy with Komari and trying to cheer her up personally, then I would agree with you. However, what we see is Rin helping Riki help Komari. Rin is using Riki as a bridge to her friend she is still trying to get comfortable with, I don't really find a problem with that. Now the ending where Rin hugs Komari was touching but at the same time out of place for their level of friendship, this is considering Rin's shy personality.

Originally Posted by Dizzyworld2 View Post
I have to admit, after watching the episode the second time, it doesn't make sense at all for Rin to be courageous enough to ask for Kud and Haruka's help. I expected Riki to get on his knees or something and beg Kyousuke for help or even start crying because he doesn't know what to do.
Has Rin even met Kud before? I found that really strange that Rin was asking Kud for help considering it was never shown that she even knew her. And as I've stated before somewhere, Rin is most cautious of Haruka, it's much too strange for Rin to even be standing so close to her, much less even talk to her. Kud and Haruka are not even a part of Little Busters yet, it was extremely out of place for them to be helping IMO.
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