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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
You heard wrong. That's a misconception many fans have all because of a rumor that spread across the internet. Toriyama never said he originally intended to end the series with Cell. That's unsubstantiated and there's nothing to prove it.
There may be no proof of it but it sure appeared that the Cell arc was the end of the manga for a time. Unlike the other major arcs (Saiyan Saga and Freeza) which still had a continuing story after their respective stories ended the Cell arc pretty much ended at volume 36 of tankouban.

Personally I think Toriyama wanted to end it as early as Freeza. But his editors kept pushing him to continue it since it was raking a lot of money for Jump. The Buu Saga was arguably the least interesting arc in Dragonball Z since it hardly offered anything new. Toriyama didn't seem to put as much effort with the art and story at that point.
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