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The problem is, these flames remind me too much of the old KotTF of the Ranma 1/2 fandom in its hayday. And believe me, that's a HUGE insult. (KotTF - Knights of the True Fiance) Granted, it disappeared before I really got into fanfiction, but I saw the reviews and the problems it generated. *Shakes head*

To be honest, I can ignore the flames. But the bit "RadiantBeam and Nanya should focus their energies into making a Nanoha story with NanoFate in it" really irks me.

And that's the exact attitude that causes character bashing by authors who get sick of the flames and go "You know what? That hurts my feelings, so now I'll write character X (from Ranma 1/2, it was Akane) as a real mean person (to put it mildly) and every other character as a saint to make character X look worse." (See MetroAnime/Kestral for how it affects someone, and that was in the late 90s and the attitude Kestral has from that has never changed.)

I wouldn't do that, but I needed to say that.

@XenahortCharybdis: You should read the last... 5 or 6 paragraphs, since that's when Wendi, Nove and Ginga started their relationship fully. Plus Nove has some rather nice/soft emotions that she doesn't get to show often.

Edit: When it comes to preferred pairings, any character from before StrikerS, I don't have one. From StrikerS, well, I prefer Caro/Erio (and Lutecia if I want it to be a 3-way relationship), Teana/Subaru (if/when I get around to SSX, then I think I might have to add Ixy into that somehow), and Nove/Wendi.

If, in canon, Nanoha does end up in a romantic relationship with Fate (that is, as a true couple, not just friendship) and it finally is given to us in canon, I can accept that, as long as they're happy. It doesn't matter to me who Nanoha ends up with, whether it's Fate, Yuuno, Hayate or anyone else, as long as the people involved are happy about it.

Really, if someone wrote a Signum/Fate fic and it was good, I would read it. Hell, there's a fic that I'm following that's Hayate-centric and Hayate wants either Nanoha or Fate (or both!), and it's such a good read that I can't complain about it. (Really, that fic is why I found myself liking Hayate a lot more. StrikerS didn't do enough for her.)

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