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Originally Posted by XenahortCharybdis View Post
Hell, when they need something to bash, they need the whole story in order to bash it, no? And in any case I'm pretty sure they're hoping that'll you turn to the so-called Light Side, but hell, just ignore it...And Feel Our Love, Baby.

If the Light Side is NF, then I will gladly embrace the Dark Side. Then Force Crush them >:3


Hahaha KotTF. Before I settled into my current and likely permanent seat of "screw the ship," I was actually a fan of RanmaAkane. Hell, Ranma was my first fandom. Then the bashing got reeally old, and I realized just how silly flamers are, as well as the fanatics. When I first came into Nanoha, I was a fan of the beamspam and action, not the potential yuri aspect. I COULD have appreciated it, but fandumb leads to fan disillusionment, to which myself and likely others, have come to... dislike it.

It's one thing to like a ship. It's a whole 'nother thing to... well, you know.

Shipping. Serious business.
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