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Originally Posted by SulliMike23 View Post
I just recently watched "Princess Bride" and I've been thinking; which characters of Nanoha would be who if I did a Nanoha version of "Princess Bride". Of course I would put Nanoha and Fate as Westley and for the rest...that's a real head-scratcher.
I'd think Yuuno as Buttercup just so Fate could be Inigo (w/ Hayate as Fezzik), but then that makes Vizzini difficult...

No! Signum is Inigo, Vita is Fezzik, but that leaves the rest of the Wolikies out to dry... and I have no idea on Vizzini.

There are too many trios in The Princess Bride and not enough trios in MGLN I think is why it's troublesome.
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