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‏‎That chapter in volume 5 is about masaki and george.They have talk about the 9SC and george teases masaki about miyuki.Masaki can't forgdt miyuki still he didn't ask her contact info back then because he felt ashamed of losing to her brother.George states masaki is stronger than tatsuya (my ass) and that they lost because of tatsuya's strategy and tricks.Masaki has a little loli sister, george is kind to her so masaki calls him lolicon.George tells masaki that next year they will beat tatsuya for sure.Well,they can keep dreaming! ‎
Who knows maybe the next the time they fight Tatsuya's cover has been blown and he has to fight without his limits. Just think think Tatsuya vs the 10 families. Using Material Burst inside the Phalanx.
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