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Oh man BD you're being like me and just spitting out sigs left and right. It's a little bit past 6am and I'm already working on a sig in gimp. If I can figure out the gradient maps, I'll let you know.

Your first E.S. Sig: I say swap the text and render and remove the arcing c4d and keep the radial looking c4d. Apply a light drop shadow on the render and then post results if you want.

Clamore sig: Ah this one is a nice soft piece. Colors are very balanced and text is excellent. Render is a tad too bright but in all reality, it's still blended nice so you don't have to touch it at all. Nice addition to your portfolio.

Jin Uzuki sig: I see you're getting into creating a Xenosaga set. Have you seen the animated series for part 1 yet? Well anyways, nice c4d explosion view. I would say watch your direction of c4d especially by the name text. See below it the c4d is striking downward and the c4d on the bg is going is an upward directions? Try to keep them consistant. Colors are complimenting is gear which is great. You're getting a lot better with every sig you make. Don't forget to make a T-Elos sig... and Nephelim too.
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