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lol, like everyone else, I feel things are being rushed too much. I really don't understand the amount of rushing and changing; it just seems too extreme. I hope that things begin to slow down a bit soon; it'd make the story flow much more smoothly ;_;

Animation was as poor as always; I feel like I have nothing but complaints for the anime. I was a bit surprised with the things they chose to cut out from the counterpart manga scenes, and I was also surprised by a few of the things they added in. So confusing. ;D

@Mirakuru - You're not alone in feeling there was quite a bit of Zero in this episode. I've been a bit surprised myself at how much Zero has been popping up; I generally consider this section the Kaname/Yuuki section of the story. But for all of this, there's a lot of Zero that they've cut out/altered, which is a bit surprising given how much he keeps popping up in spite of this.

Yuuki's reactions this episode were a bit more extreme than I expected, but I enjoyed them nonetheless.
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