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Originally Posted by Elepsis
If a group has their translator quit on them, who says they'll just drop the project? When Hiei quit fansubbing, we didn't decide "oh well, we're just going to drop Touch now."
I don't think the old group would want to quit--my point was that Random Q. Translator doesn't have any real incentive to come join you when you advertise for him. Now, if you're already friends with some other translator, then he might be willing to step in, but in that case their motivation is going to be different than any of those of a translator you advertised for.
Originally Posted by Elepsis
Also, who says that just because a translator watches raws he'd not have a group whose releases he may like? If he thinks group a is doing an admirable job of the series, but they've come onto hard times, I think most people would be inclined to help.
I just don't think we're seeing eye to eye here. If you're a translator, why are you waiting several days for a fansub group to put crap you don't need on the video when you can get the episode off winny 20 minutes after it airs?
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