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Originally Posted by Elepsis
- To avoid oversubbing. Unfortunately, far too few people take this into consideration these days, and that's why we get crap groups popping up left and right to oversub SamuraiChrnoChobits.
If only it were that simple... we actually get King of Chrono Chobits Hunters Jing: Samurai Zero (Im missing some, been a long time since this line has been mentioned). This just shows that fansubbing is just too bloated. Fansubbing needs less good groups doing the same projects because there is no point in more than 2 good groups doing any project. ((Hell, there is no point for there being more than 1, but that group could always have internal problems..)
And dont even get started on the definition of good, we all recognize there are groups who do better jobs that others.).

A vulture group is when another group decides to pick up a show that another group is working on that is getting a lot of D/L's or is popular and is going slowly.
These groups are the worst because they only sub so that the leechers will like them. Even worse are the leechers who dont even know anime exists outside of certain larger groups.

This thread is basically a cross between the "shows you want to see subbed" and "someone else do this show so i can pirate it before it gets licensed". People have lives and other stuff to do by fansubbing. Go download the damn raws if you cant wait and watch those if you need your fix.
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