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1.why voice wanted/asked ryner to become king?from wich country does he come from and what are his true (ulterior?)motive?is he really loyal to ryner or does he follow his or someone else hidden agenda(in order to use ryner and betray him?)?
and what about lucille(poor siscon seing his beloved sister he saved(twice?) with his other half):did he lie to shion or is he sincere? there some kind of good god or are they all evil?is this some kind of story where god/hero are evil while the demonlord(sad lonely demon??)is the one true good(you know like in shina dark and countless other A.,M.and L.N. story)?

3.has milk joined ryner(since you still count her in his harem) or is she still at shion side?what now is doing ryner's dad sinse his son remember him?

and i disagree about ryner being badass:if he need to kill someone he love each time he need to use his newfound power(why are his eyes called rulefragme-since they come from theD.L.-,and what are rulefragme to begin with?)...i know there must be some kind of limitation but who will he sacrifice next time,kiefer?

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