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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
She is feeding her ideas.

On page 6, that wall of text starting with "The universe was still one. But a time of great division was approaching" is a reference to Old Hell starting to get greedy with human hearts and starting the war.

On page 8, "Congratulations... congratulations, you are the chosen hero! The balance... of the universe is collapsing... right now in the universe... an intense hatred is spreading, and conflict is clouding the light of the stars... In order to end this conflict, I've come to call on you, Katsuragi-kun"
sounds strikingly similar to the real Keima getting recruited to round up the Weiss.

Even if Shiori remembered everything, there's no way she could know about the Weiss or Keima's situation unless she had the influence of a goddess.
Or more directly...

Spoiler for size:
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