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Originally Posted by Insane View Post
I never really excited about shoujo manga adaptation and after gave this show a try, my first opinion is.............boring and too typical old type shoujo story. It's the same old story when a super popular dude falls for super unpopular girl (just reverse it already, you dummy trope!), and the dude is always depicted as overly aggressive hormonal male that have no qualm to steal kiss from the girl (He must be restricting his libido all this time).
Originally Posted by EssTEss View Post
The shoujo vibes are setting in very heavily now, and that means i have to watch with a sense of dread hanging over me every second.
It's a very typical setup where there's a really popular good looking and smart guy that probably spends no time studying yet somehow, has good grades, always has time go chase after the girl he's interested in, and will save her from trouble. All things that would trigger the female instincts of attraction.

I'm more interested in the other two characters, Kenji and Asami, they feel more believable to me instead of the two main leads.
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