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Originally Posted by ihrdg64 View Post
What is with full metal alchemist brotherhood?
Is that also something like that.. i am not sure to start with it?
Personally, it's the "rich-man's Busou Renkin" or should I say "Busou Renkin" is the "poor-man's FMA" . It's a bit unfair to compare the two, but to me as far as the "alchemy" theme goes FMA is better in just about everything. Though, while the MC does have a unique ability and can still win his fights, he's not strong enough to steamroll everyone like in Kaze no Stigma you mentioned.

If you want that similar feel from Kaze no Stigma where the MC steamrolls his foes, I'd suggest you start with the aforementioned Index.

EDIT: Btw, I forgot to mention Regios.

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