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ganbaru: 7/ Krytonis already said, it's a bit too white. You might want to lower the brightness or adjust the hue/saturation. You could also just play with the levels untill you get a desired result.
Krytonis: 8/10...I like the warm colors in your signature bro. My only suggestion would be that you blurr the background a bit (so the focus on the character would be stronger). Also, watch you don't brighten the image too much. You might lose the sharpness. I am not gonna complain about the text, since I suck at that too
mystogan: 6,7/10...lovely signature, there is just something that I don't like...I don't really know what haha. Maybe it's the background?
Eragon: 6,7/10...very cute scene, but the brightness is too high and the 'bokeh' effect isn't really contributing anything. Again, not gonna complain about the know
Coldlight: 9/10...I really like this signature! Lovely girls and the text is pretty good Simple and nice. I like it
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