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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
So many people think Air is bad? For shame...
It's not that people think that Air is "bad". It's that some of us (including myself) find it weird for Air to be there but not Clannad. Air's a good show, but I think most would rate Clannad higher.

From what I've read from Key/KyoAni fans, Clannad is widely considered the best of the three Key/KyoAni properties. And when I've read people differ with that opinion, it's generally to put Kanon first, not Air.

If neither Clannad, Kanon, or Air was there, you could just chalk it up to the people behind this list not liking Key works. But Air making it when Clannad doesn't is just odd to me.

It's like having three extremely similar retired pro baseball players that played in the same era, and the one widely considered the best of the three doesn't make the Hall of Fame, while one of the other two does.
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