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Originally Posted by Blackbeard D. Kuma View Post
I have a sneaking suspicion that Doflamingo is going to end up being a sympathetic villain. With Vergo's comment to Law that he knows nothing about his master's past and how caring he is to his subordinates, Doflamingo isn't seeming as bad as I originally thought. When everything culminates in Doflamingo's defeat, Fujitora is most likely going to capture and arrest him for his crimes. It's approximately at that point where we'll see Fujitora's real nasty side (we caught a glimpse of it back at the bar). Most likely he'll let the strawhats off the hook for their contribution to stopping Doflamingo, but that's where he'll cement himself as a future obstacle.

Just giving my two cents on how I think this arc will end.
I don't know if "sympathetic" is the word you're looking for... maybe the phrase 'less of a monster' is a better fit. No matter DoFlamingo's associations with his crew or his country, he is still a slaver who willingly employes despicable people like Caesar. DoFlamingo may not kick all the puppies he comes across, but that doesn't necessarily make him sympathetic, he could just understand that some of the puppies he doesn't kick he can instead turn into guard dogs that willingly obey him.

That being said, I kind of hope DoFlamingo and Fujitora both fall this arc. We're past the half-way mark, so we need some solid advancement in the plot. DoFlamingo falling is good, but Fujitora falling as well would be even better.
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