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Actually thinking about it, i kinda think that fujitora might end up being Zoro's opponent much later on in the story. The guy does wield a sword so he may be an accomplished swordsman and it seems fitting that Zoro should be able to take down someone as powerful as an admiral before he goes on to take on Mihawk. Much later on in the storyline, we could have the strawhats go into a huge battle against the marines a battle where Luffy will have to take on Akainu; and while Luffy is fighting the fleet admiral, Zoro will find himself taking on Fujitora

Not to mention i might say it would be a little much for both Doflamingo AND an admiral to be taken down in the same arc. I kinda think that if any admiral might fall to show Luffy's advancement, it might be kizaru... much like how after the time skip the strawhats fought the same pacifistas that they struggled against before the time skip, Luffy may have to fight against Kizaru, the guy who forced the entire crew into retreat, to show how much he has grown... Its basically a something of a destined rematch.
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