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hmmm i didnt know they were making this into an anime.

most of the planes and tanks are based off german and japanese models though. i hope they dont do a remake of a world war story. japanese seem to have a habit of changing facts and that offends alot of people.

recent events in the news is where the president of japan keeps visiting that japanese war shrine. now dont get me wrong, the japanese people that bravely fought in the war need to be honored, however, notorious class A war criminals who were convicted in the japanese army should not have their names there. this is upsetting most all asian countries.

think of it like this, if germany had a shrine built for hitler and considered him some sort of ominpotent being and the president of germany offered him gifts once or twice a year, that would upset all of europe.

now to be fair in recent news, i think rhode island, or it may have been maine, they celebrate the day japan officially annouced its surrender to america, i thinks its calll V-J day. now i can see how that may offend people in japan as gloating, but thats not the purpose of the ceremony, where as visiting the war shrine has only one purpose as to give honor to the names there.

i also remember some japanese anime where they made a parody of if japan had won world war II. i havnt seen it though, so i cant comment on it.

but anyway, to stay on topic. i hope the show is good but if they base it on historical facts, it needs to stay historical. and if its a new story, it should stay a new story. i dont have any of the figures but they always did catch my eye. ive seen alot of fan creations on the series too with like battleships and stuff.
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