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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Cool you can put words in my mouth.
No, that was just poor wording on my part. Does it make more sense if the 'and' is an 'or'?

Originally Posted by OceanBlue View Post
People like Reckoner, Kaioshin, or the one or two people who hate everything from KyoAni that isn't Haruhi S3 or Little Busters hardly count as the majority of their "base".
Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
Because the Kyoani base is exclusive only to people who like all their products. Haruhi fans? Not part of the base. FMP fans? Not part of the base. Oh but you like K-ON! and Nichijou? You must be!

I realize you're not saying this exactly, but the insinuation is there.
Actually, that's why I put "base" in quotation marks. I don't know how people are defining the term. I don't even know who Guardian Enzo was referring to. If you want to present your opinion on what a "base" is, go ahead.

For me, though, the insinuation is more than there. My opinion is that their base is exclusive to the people who like the majority of their products. I don't see how liking one or two of their older franchises would place you in their "base", much like how I don't see how liking, say, Rinne no Lagrange would place someone in the Production IG "base" or how liking Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo would place someone in the Sunrise "base".

Edit: Actually, if you want to continue this conversation, do you want to take it to PMs? I don't really intend to have this discussion for a while, but this discussion definitely isn't about Hyouka.
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