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I can't say what the other critics are saying about this, but my criticism is soley based on the PV given to us. It was dead boring... as simple as that. And it wasn't the most amazing, speechless animation (though it was well animated) either let alone the character designs and background art which were either unimpressive or "standard". The PV just did a bad job of selling whatever the show is supposed to be about. You know it's bad when a lot of the positive comments seem to be in regarding "dem purple eyes".

To give an illustrated comparison, here's two PVs from two studios which I think frankly do a better job than Kyoani does when it comes to promoting material:

Guilty Crown PV
Hanasaku Iroha PV

I donno... when I saw these two PVs back in the day I was like "DO WANT TO WATCH", unlike this Hyouka one which was just ZZZZZZ to me. And honestly, even just "animation" wise (frames - yes I know what animation is), the Hyouka one isn't even better. In terms of background art and character designs, hands down Hyouka loses. Atmosphere and what it's trying to sell? Hands down Hyouka loses.

Of course, in the end Guilty Crown has flopped and Hanasaku Iroha had its fair share of filler eps, but that's not my point. My point is that the Hyouka PV is not impressive at all. Whether the show is good or not will depend on when it actually airs. We'll probably get one or two more PV's after this one, and people will judge when that time comes. On the other hand I do think "past history of a studio" is not completely irrelevant to what people thinks on what a show will be like since Kyoani has done very little outside of a "slice of life/moe" demography (which they are [in]famous for), not to mention Kyoani does very little shows in the first place.
Well it's just a PV. I means what if the PV looks fabulous, but the content is simply suck just like Hanasaku Iroha *dodge shoes*

I means anime tends to get a pass even if the PV and 1st episode is dead boring. Madoka for example got the impression of yay, cute magical girls struggle to save the world from evil alien. Watched for Aoki Ume's drawing at first. Then soon enough my head exploded with all of the theme behind those cute arts. I means at some points i seriously lose my heads over all events happened
ok that's enough puns
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