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Originally Posted by DemiSoda View Post
And how is it irrelevant? You tell me what that PV shows us then, cause I don't get any mystery vibes from it whatsoever. Seems like a slice of life series with some inappropriate baroque period music in the background.
I see your "slice of life series with some inappropriate baroque period music in the background" and raise you a "that's why it '[makes] me curious how the mystery stuff may possibly be handled'".

No, spare the effort of responding to my reasoning and prolonging an irrelevent discussion that can basically be summed up as "we look at different things in a PV."

Originally Posted by DemiSoda View Post
And my main reason for linking "high-profile" PVs from different studios/works is to rebut the argument that Kyoani is somehow untouched in the animation department, not just because it seemed boring (which it was for me).
My bad, from the way you worded your post, I thought the animation part was a sidenote! In respect of that then, I think I have the duty to comment that I found Hyouka's animation better than the ones shown in the GC and Hanasaku trailer, although the latter's art is certainly very pretty. But alas, I'm no animation expert. Just my humble opinion.

Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
What I got was the the PV introduced us to the main characters and show us the primary state of the male lead. Lazy. Indifferent. Bored in general. The lazy, bored narration seems to contrast the seeming energetic motions of the female main character, and the characteristics of the other two characters. Eru always seems to have some sort of energy in her motions from what I see. The male lead does seem like his voice. He seems bored and indifferent to what is going on.

Since I can't read it, nor understand what was said, I cannot delve deeper into any of these ideas.

Though I can say he didn't sound like Tomoya at all in the PV.
Yeah, I literally went wtf when I saw "Yuuichi Nakamura."
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