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Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
Look what I got today

Warning: Not safe to view at work or school!
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Special French edition of To Love darkness, bundling the first volume + the databook + stickers + a double sided poster (880mm x 680). The cover of the two books also have a glitter effect (not sure how it's called), which I don't think was the case of the Japanese books (personally, I would have rather had regular covers, but whatever). I'm amazed To love-ru got that kind of treatment. Maybe it's more popular than I thought over here.

It looks like the databook's got tons of informations. I'll tell you if there's anything interesting we didn't know about yet.
That is glorious. We need one of those with every single girl.

And someone did an epic photoshop of the color cover page with Momo in the gym outfit. Added the x-ray glasses.
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