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Ah, thanks. I'm familiar with Amazon's layout so ordering was pretty easy.

I'd like to possess the bath posters also. The upcoming Lala one looks especially good.
Unfortunately, it's pretty much impossible for us to get them, as I don't think we're eligible to receive them if we don't live in Japan. The other solution is to buy them on auction sites, but the prices are ridiculous... I checked again today and the Yui one was going for ~300$
As much as I'd love to possess it, I'm not wiling to blow that much money on a poster.

I finished reading the dababook. Nothing new in the character profiles. Only the "Data" bubble is interesting, and I had already posted a translation for those last year. The rest of the profiles contains analyses of the character's personalities and bodies, as well as comments about some scenes (I don't know who wrote these comments exactly, but he's a huge pervert ), nothing you wouldn't already know by simply reading the series. There are also compilations of each girls' hottest scenes.

The profiles that caught my eye are Sayaka Arai's and Koyomi Shirayuri's. The commentator says they might be "more than friends", and we see a panel where Koyomi is shown looking annoyed when Risa gropes Sayaka, and another from the first Valentine chapter where they were lezzing out. Make of that what you will.

The best part of the book were the interviews. There are four interviews: one with Masakazu Katsura, one with Takeshi Obata, one with Haruka Tomatsu, and finally one where Yabuki and Hasemi talk about the birth of the new series and comment on the characters. They're closer to discussions than interviews.

Spoiler for Katsura:

Spoiler for Obata:

Alright, moving on to the Tomatsu Haruka interview now. As you would expect, they are mostly talking about the anime.
Spoiler for Tomatsu Haruka:

Alright, that's about it for Tomatsu.

And finally, the final interview.

Spoiler for Hasemi and Yabuki about Darkness:

Spoiler for Comments about the characters:

Aaaand, that's it. Phew. It's pretty disjointed. Sorry about that.
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