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Awesome post, thanks for the those translations.

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
The profiles that caught my eye are Sayaka Arai's and Koyomi Shirayuri's. The commentator says they might be "more than friends", and we see a panel where Koyomi is shown looking annoyed when Risa gropes Sayaka, and another from the first Valentine chapter where they were lezzing out. Make of that what you will.
Who are these girls again?

Lala: she is not the heroine anymore, and only plays a supporting role as Momo and Nana's big sister.
I do wish they'd said more about her, or had more plans for her at least. She still is kind of an important character.

Yui: she's been promoted to major character status. She's a very popular character loved by everybody and who has been constantly evolving, so they believe it would have been a mistake to leave her aside.
According to Yabuki, she's a perfect candidate for the harem plan. It's the best way to make her love come true.
Can't say I would've complained had we gotten a Yui spin-off Very glad they view her as a major character now. It would've been an absolute mistake to leave her aside.

Saki: she was included in the harem picture because she's hot but she actually has no place in the harem. She is still in love with Zastin.
I'm kind of relieved to hear that. It would've been weird if she suddenly had given up on Zastin and turned to Rito for no apparent reason. Plus, it's nice to know Rito doesn't get all the girls

Yabuki mentions he's more interested in writing about Rin.
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