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Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
As it is, in the eyes of many anime only viewers, Medaka Box is tainted goods, and to them, Season 2 might as well be full of the same "Love-Comedy cum Slice of Life BS" even if we manga viewers know that Season 2, unless they somehow butcher it in a spate of amazing creativity this Gainax B team has never displayed yet would be even more classically Action-Shounen than the Unzen Arc. But some of those - many infact, who stuck around would be going : Where on Earth is my Slice of Life/Comedy/Student Council Hijinx fix? This isn't Medaka Box. This is just another action Shounen.
to be fair, this happened to the manga when it first started. Just look at the earlier posts on this very thread for that, a lot of people who preferred the slice-of-life elements hated genre shift. They wanted to see more love hijinx and Medaka actually fulfiling the requests but after the genre shift, the haters started to laothe Medaka even after revealing the existence abnormals. I read how the prevalence of abnormals and Medaka (Mary Sue) in the story was really annoying them and they wanted to go back to the old style.

Not even the Minus arc entirely allievated haters as it was eventually going to end and it was pretty much a given Medaka was going to somehow win. There are still fans here who want the manga to end and really hate manga for the unsatisyfing conclusion of the arcs in question. Even seeing Medaka herself actually lose to Zenikichi is not enough as the box stopped being relevant to the story.
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