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Originally Posted by Jan-Poo View Post
I didn't quite think about it during the first time I watched the episode but Yuuta most likely imagined Rikka eating alone while watching at the leftovers. This is probably when he started to realize how lonely she is, and that's probably why he decided to start cleaning.
No, Yuuta had no idea that she was "that" lonely, considering he mentioned that Rikka should tell her family and friends about her mail address, so he wasn't expecting her to be "that lonely", hence why his expression changed after Rikka told him only Touka and Sanae "acknowledge" her existence.

There isn't really any deep thought for this part: knowing Rikka isn't exactly that diligent, he just felt helping her a bit.

Anyway, this episode was excellent in term of character development, with few gimmicks making it quite balanced. Obviously far less hilarious than the previous episodes, I think this direction choice was for the best so to set the mood and the tone shift in a natural way, without making the episode bipolar.
Rikka was previously shown as quite interested in Yuuta (not in a romance aspect that is), so the little details with her wanting his attention and presence with her activities and all converge quite well with this episode, where her problems are apparent.

Yuuta also got a lot of credits: there was absolutely no need to use his Dark Flame Master persona for this little treat, so this part really shows how Yuuta got a good grasp of Rikka's take on her chuuni antics, and can see through her much better, than "just being a weird girl acting like a middle school brat".

I'm also quite satisfied the drama didn't explode into anything corny or shoehorned: Rikka's social interactions were hinted progressively, with a simple but sufficient exposure regarding her family, without making her all depressed or emo about that. Likewise, the chuuni part wasn't branded as a desperate attempt to escape reality whatsoever. It gives a good sense of "something is there" without making it annoyingly distracting in a serious nature whatsoever.

Quite the best episode regarding characters in general for this series.
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