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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
No, Yuuta had no idea that she was "that" lonely, considering he mentioned that Rikka should tell her family and friends about her mail address, so he wasn't expecting her to be "that lonely", hence why his expression changed after Rikka told him only Touka and Sanae "acknowledge" her existence.

There isn't really any deep thought for this part: knowing Rikka isn't exactly that diligent, he just felt helping her a bit.
I don't know why you stress that "that lonely" thing. I said that he started to understand how lonely she is. He just had more confirmations later.

That shots of the table with the leftover is definitely a sad sight. You probably missed that Yuuta was so lost in thought when looking at that, that Rikka had to call his name twice.

Yuuta was most certainly not completely honest when he gave his explanation to the questioning Rikka. In the first place Rikka questioned him because she understood it was an act of kindness that went beyond "I'm cleaning your mess". Note that Yuuta told her why he was doing that before she could say a thing, but she still asked why.

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