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Hmm, I think I'll relook at some of my earlier theories which I had from Episode 2-3:

1) Adolf is Shiro from the future, an alternate dimension, possibility, etc. I actually like this theory - because I really hope that Adolf isn't just some kind of "Designated Villain" kind of gimmick. It'll seem like such a cop-out.

2) Split personality is starting to seem unlikely at this point. Thank goodness.

3) Shiro erasing his own memories is pretty much jossed. This episode pretty much confirms that Adolf was the one who did it.

4) Amnesia, fake memories confirmed - but it wasn't done by someone "evil", as this episode kind of confirms that Neko really had no intentions went beyond purely meaning well for Shiro.

5) I still think Ashinaka High is the lair of the Green King. The main suspect being the president of the student council.

6) I'm not sure if anyone's asked this but - there are 7 kings right? We have Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Gold, Colorless - what about the last one? There should be some kind of significance, right?
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