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Originally Posted by Defade View Post
Another thought occurred to me - who's to say that the entire power display was thanks to Neko's illusions? While it's rather clear that Shiro disappearing at the end was thanks to Neko(accompanied with her signature 'nya' and pink aura), there was no hint of Neko's powers at work when Shiro actually manifested that sword and used telepathy to communicate with Kuroh. Every time we've seen Neko use her powers so far, the audience gets a pretty obvious visual and audio cue to indicate it, but nothing of the sort happened during Shiro's confrontation with the blue king.

As others have mentioned, the power surge was a little bit too 'solid' for just an illusion, especially for how long it lasted(the slasher smile cat took only one hit before it disappeared - and that was only from a sword sheath, and not a king's aura). Moreover, Reishi knew about Neko's powers of illusion and could effortlessly dissipate them - even taking into account the surprise factor, there's probably /something/ in that scene that wasn't just purely illusion.

Other hints: Shiro specifically didn't bring up the sword display as an example when he praised Neko for being amazing("The sky suddenly cleared up, and all those people appeared!"), despite the fact that it was an impressive display. I could even go as far as to say that he relied on Neko's power to escape precisely because he wants to trick all parties involved(the blue clan, Kuroh, and even us) into believing that the entire display was 'just another of Neko's illusions'...Shiro has been displaying some magnificent bastard tendencies from the very beginning, so I wouldn't put it past him.

That also brings up the possibility that Shiro's had supernatural powers all along, but never saw it in the context of the whole kings/clansmen business because of his amnesia - and that possibly also explains why he was able to remain as calm as he did in the face of the HOMRA members wielding their powers to kill him. When Kuroh was explaining the whole system of kings and clans to him, Shiro doesn't seem to be surprised at the concept of supernatural powers at all.

On a slightly related note, I like the theory that Neko first got her powers when Shiro fell through the roof. After all, if she had memory/sensory manipulation powers before she met Shiro, she would've probably had an incredibly easy time blending in with the students and getting food for herself. However, that doesn't seem to be the case, judging from her flashbacks where she generally shied away from humans and got chased down by the chef for stealing fish. I'd lean more towards her being a cat in the first place that got powers from being Shiro's 'clansman', but the fact that she seemingly 'reverted' to human form when Munakata destroyed her illusion was quite mystifying, especially when she seemed as surprised as anyone else when she first turned to human form in episode 2.
Also, Shiro's really good at holding on to his parasol, no matter the circumstances, huh...
You're right, there is no evidence of the power of her (unlike other times), but perhaps it is for viewers to feel the same confusion that Reisi feels.

That sword is not normal, this can kill a king (then maybe a hit is enough to destroy the illusion). Also, I think Reisi does not attack with all his might (not active his sword).

Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
That's why I get the feeling she's a Stray animal that somehow got "promoted" to human.
Yeah, the telepathy is Shiro's.....was it not mentioned in earlier ep that the power of the Colorless was to see the future? Wouldn't be surprising for that to be a psychic, mind-related ability.
I think that is the ability of Neko (she can put images and sounds in the minds of other people). Moreover, Kuroh had mentioned that telepathy is the ability of a king.

I do not think we've seen Shiro skills yet.
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