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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
I'm pretty sure it was Neko. Shiro wasn't even there to begin with, and if it was him who summoned the sword he would had to be there. The whole thing was an illusion, including Shiro. Besides, Shiro did thank Neko for saving their lives afterwards.
Yet we can't really say for sure that Shiro wasn't there to begin with. We know that it was out of Shiro's own volition that he went back to save Kuroh, and though it's obvious he did ask Neko for help, that doesn't mean the whole manifestation of the sword thing was Neko's doing. See all the points I raised in above posts.

Shiro 'disappearing' is definitely the work of Neko, but she could've done that easily by manipulating the senses of the people in the gym so that they are no longer able to perceive Shiro, instead of Shiro never being there in the first place.

And Neko did indeed save their lives - she orchestrated the first illusion with the Shibuya crossroad and assisted Shiro in saving Kuroh. Shiro manifesting the sword of damocles through his own power doesn't invalidate how much Neko contributed to saving them.

Anyways, with the amount of information we have right now, there will always be room for argument. Yet the writers of K have demonstrated their capability in weaving an intriguing mystery, padding it with enough hints and foreshadowing that no reveal comes off as an ass-pull. Kukuri's line in the 1st episode concerning Shiro foreshadowing that 'Isana Yashiro' doesn't exist, the cleaning robot's failure to recognize Shiro as well as his nonexistent PDA indicating that he wasn't a registered student, his zipped up jacket hiding the blood stains on his shirt...I just feel like all the hints in this episode(specifically showing that Fushimi was out of Neko's illusion range and then showing his shocked response at Shiro's sword of damocles, the lack of visual/audio cues that indicate Neko's powers at work, Shiro conveniently only praising Neko for the Shibuya illusion - which she did orchestrate) point to Shiro actually having a greater hand in what occurred in the stadium.

Just my 2 cents.

Originally Posted by Kirroha View Post
There are two ways to debunk that, though.
1) Neko expanded her sphere of influence this time beyond just the stadium.
2) What Fushimi did was gasp in horror - he wasn't necessarily surprised. He could very well be shocked to see that everyone was falling for the trick but he realizes that he is too late to warn them.
1. That is entirely possible, I admit, but why didn't she cover a bigger sphere of influence on her first illusion if she suspected that there are other SCEPTER4 people outside the stadium? A bigger scale would probably lead to more confusion amongst the SCEPTER4 members and facilitate their escape easier. We do know that her sphere of influence is probably bigger than the stadium, though, so I'll admit that this is a plausible explanation.

2. Fushimi was outside the SCEPTER4 van and looking upwards at the sword. There was no way he could see what was happening with the people inside the stadium from that vantage point. If he was gasping at a screen inside the van, then perhaps, but as it stands it feels like a convoluted explanation when we could just say that he was gaping at the sword, regardless of whether it's an illusion or not.
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