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Originally Posted by Defade View Post
Shiro 'disappearing' is definitely the work of Neko, but she could've done that easily by manipulating the senses of the people in the gym so that they are no longer able to perceive Shiro, instead of Shiro never being there in the first place.
I don't think Neko can do that. She created illusions out of nothing and modified the look of things that were already there, but if she could make something disappear, or rather make it invisible, she would have done so with the three of them at the beginning. It would have been a lot easier to escape that way.

Originally Posted by Defade View Post
And Neko did indeed save their lives - she orchestrated the first illusion with the Shibuya crossroad and assisted Shiro in saving Kuroh. Shiro manifesting the sword of damocles through his own power doesn't invalidate how much Neko contributed to saving them.
The first illusion was worthless, so I don't think Shiro was thanking her for that. And I don't think he manifested the sword at all since he wasn't even there to do it. He was probably with Neko waiting for Kuro while Neko distracted everyone with her illusion. Also, Shiro seemed really honest when he said he didn't have any memories before the moment Neko found him, so there's no way he would now how to manifest the sword even if he was capable of it.

I suppose we won't know for sure until we have more info but for now my point stands.
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